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Các bài nghiên cứu mới về Công nghệ tài chính từ ngày 23/12 đến ngày 30/12/2021

Trong những năm gần đây, lĩnh vực công nghệ tài chính - Fintech đã đánh dấu nhiều sự phát triển nổi bật. Theo thời gian, Fitech dần được coi là một trong những phương tiện, công cụ quan trọng trong việc định hình và phát triển đổi mới tài chính. Cục Thông tin KH&CN quốc gia trân trọng gửi đến các nhà khoa học những nghiên cứu mới nhất về Công nghệ tài chính, được xuất bản chính thức và các bài viết được chấp nhận đăng trên những cơ sở dữ liệu học thuật chính thống. Những nghiên cứu công bố được tổng hợp tại đường link các bài.



1. Analysing global professional gender gaps using LinkedIn advertising data

Kashyap Ridhi; Verkroost Florianne C J. EPJ Data Science; Heidelberg Vol. 10, Iss. 1, (Dec 2021)


2. A survey on server-based electronic identification and signature schemes to improve eIDAS: with a new proposal for Turkey

Erdogan, Ozgun; Saran, Nurdan Ayse. PeerJ Computer Science; San Diego (Oct 13, 2021)


3. The time-varying causal relationship between the Bitcoin market and internet attention

Zhang, Xun; Lu Fengbin; Tao Rui; Wang Shouyang. Financial Innovation; Heidelberg Vol. 7, Iss. 1, (Dec 2021)


4. Real-Time Blockchain Accounting System As A New Paradigm

Alternate title: Yeni Bir Paradigma Olarak Gerçek Zamanlı Blok Zinciri Muhasebe Sistemi


5. Dynamic spillovers between the term structure of interest rates, bitcoin, and safe-haven currencies

Aharon, David Y; Umar Zaghum; Vo, Xuan Vinh. Financial Innovation; Heidelberg Vol. 7, Iss. 1, (Dec 2021).


6. Fragmenting Cyberspace and Constructing Cyber Norms: China's Efforts to Reshape Global Cyber Governance

Yau, Hon-min. Contemporary Chinese Political Economy and Strategic Relations, suppl. Special Issue; Kaohsiung Vol. 7, Iss. 2, (Aug 2021): 691-715,XII.


7. Economic determinants of total factor productivity growth: The Bayesian modelling averaging approach

Sobieraj, Janusz; Metelski, Dominik. Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review; Krakow Vol. 9, Iss. 4, (2021): 147-171


8. Forecasting and trading cryptocurrencies with machine learning under changing market conditions

Helder, Sebastião; Godinho, Pedro. Financial Innovation; Heidelberg Vol. 7, Iss. 1, (Dec 2021)


9. Securing VANET Using Blockchain Technology

Ravi, Nikhil; Verma, Sahil; Kavita; Jhanjhi, N Z; Talib, M N. Journal of Physics: Conference Series; Bristol Vol. 1979, Iss. 1, (Aug 2021)


10. Managing the Data Avalanche

Carter, Russell A. Engineering and Mining Journal; Jacksonville Vol. 222, Iss. 8, (Aug 2021): 66-71.


11. Predicting LQ45 financial sector indices using RNN-LSTM

Seng, Hansun; Young, Julio Christian. Journal of Big Data; Heidelberg Vol. 8, Iss. 1, (Dec 2021)


12. Authentication and Identity Validation Blockchain Application

Arun, N; Mathiyalagan, R; Suchithra. Journal of Physics: Conference Series; Bristol Vol. 1979, Iss. 1, (Aug 2021)


13. An efficient image encryption scheme based on fractal Tromino and Chebyshev polynomial

Khan, Majid; Alanazi, Ammar S; Khan, Lal Said; Hussain Iqtadar. Complex & Intelligent Systems; Heidelberg Vol. 7, Iss. 5, (Oct 2021): 2751-2764


14. FPGA based technical solutions for high throughput data processing and encryption for 5G communication: A review

Visconti, P; Velazquez, R; Del-Valle-Soto, Carolina; de Fazio, R. TELKOMNIKA; Yogyakarta Vol. 19, Iss. 4, (Aug 2021): 1291-1306




1. Cross-chain deals and adversarial commerce

Maurice Herlihy, Barbara Liskov, Liuba Shrira in The VLDB Journal (2021)


2. BlockTree: a nonlinear structured, scalable and distributed ledger scheme for processing digital transactions

Lokendra Vishwakarma, Debasis Das in Cluster Computing (2021)


3. iCredit: A Credit Based Incentive Scheme to Combat Double Spending in Post-Disaster Peer-to-Peer Opportunistic Communication Over Delay Tolerant Network

Chandrima Chakrabarti in Wireless Personal Communications (2021)


4. Multi-image steganography and authentication using crypto-stego techniques

Himani Sharma, D. C. Mishra, R. K. Sharma… in Multimedia Tools and Applications (2021)


5. BALAdIN: truthfulness in collaborative access networks with distributed ledgers

Vincent Messié, Gaël Fromentoux, Nathalie Labidurie… in Annals of Telecommunications (2021)


6. Private and Trustworthy Distributed Lending Model Using Hyperledger Besu

Purathani Praitheeshan, Lei Pan, Robin Doss in SN Computer Science (2021)


7. Identification of token contracts on Ethereum: standard compliance and beyond

Monika Di Angelo, Gernot Salzer in International Journal of Data Science and Analytics (2021)


8. SPIDE: sybil-proof, incentivized data exchange

Rafał Skowroński, Jerzy Brzeziński in Cluster Computing (2021)


9. Distributed authentication framework for Hadoop based bigdata environment

M. Hena, N. Jeyanthi in Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing (2021)


10. Bitcoin miners: Exploring a covert community in the Bitcoin ecosystem

Jieyu Xu, Wen Bai, Miao Hu, Haibo Tian, Di Wu in Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications (2021)




1. Diversifying equity with cryptocurrencies during COVID-19

International Review of Financial Analysis, 24 April 2021, Volume 76, Article 101781

John W. Goodell, Stephane Goutte


2. The effect of political and economic uncertainty on the cryptocurrency market

Finance Research Letters, 1 June 2020, Volume 39 (Cover date: March 2021), Article 101621

Francisco Colon, Chaehyun Kim, Wonjoon Kim


3. Returns, volatility and the cryptocurrency bubble of 2017–18

Economic Modelling, 11 September 2021, Volume 104, Article 105643

Jamie L. Cross, Chenghan Hou, Kelly Trinh


4. Risk spillovers between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies and gold under different global

economic conditions

The North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 26 April 2021, Volume 57, Article 101443

Shu-Han Hsu, Chwen Sheu, Jiho Yoon


5. Non-linear causal linkages of EPU and gold with major cryptocurrencies during bull and bear markets

The North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 16 December 2020, Volume 56 (Cover date: April 2021), Article 101343

Stephanos Papadamou, Nikolaos A. Kyriazis, Panayiotis G. Tzeremes


6. Revisiting the roles of cryptocurrencies in stock markets: A quantile coherency perspective

Economic Modelling, 5 December 2020, Volume 95 (Cover date: February 2021), Pages 21-34

Yonghong Jiang, Jiayi Lie, Jinqi Mu


7. Volatility connectedness of major cryptocurrencies: The role of investor happiness

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, 29 January 2021, Volume 30, Article 100463

Elie Bouri, David Gabauer, Aviral Kumar Tiwari


8. Objective and subjective risks of investing into cryptocurrencies

Finance Research Letters, 20 September 2020, Volume 40 (Cover date: May 2021), Article 101737

Martin Angerer, Christian Hugo Hoffmann, Sascha Kraus


9. Testing the random walk hypothesis for leading cryptocurrencies

Borsa Istanbul Review, 24 October 2020, Volume 21, Issue 3 (Cover date: September 2021), Pages 256-268

Srinivasan Palamalai, K. Krishna Kumar, Bipasha Maity

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