Promoting science and technology integration activities in the field of agriculture in Hoa Binh province

Tuesday, 12/07/2022 09:55 GMT+7
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At the invitation of the Hoa Binh Farmers Support Center (Center), on June 21, 2022 in Hoa Binh City, Hoa Binh Province, the Center for Vietnam Science and Technology Internationalization and Promotion (VISTIP) had a meeting with the Hoa Binh Farmer Support Center. Attending the meeting, on the side of the Hoa Binh Farmers Support Center were Mr. Bui Duc Bien - Vice Chairman of the Provincial Farmers' Association cum Director of the Center, comrades in the Board of Directors and in charge of the Center's departments. On the side of VISTIP, there were Mrs. Bui Thi Huy Hop, Deputy Director in charge, and a number of key divison-level staff attended the meeting.

At the meeting, on behalf of Hoa Binh Farmers Support Center, Mr. Bui Duc Bien reviewed the main functions, tasks, and aspects of the Center's support activities with farmers' associations at all levels in the province so far. According to him, the Center is planning to implement a number of activities to support cooperatives, branches, professional farmer associations, cooperative groups and farmer households in agricultural production and business in Hoa Binh province in digital transformation, applying the most advanced science and technology, especially new technologies, 4.0 technology to agricultural production and business in order to increase value for agricultural products, step by step participating in the national and international supply chain in the future, training skills to receive knowledge, apply solutions and advanced technologies to agricultural production and rural development for associations and farmers in the province.

Mr. Bui Duc Bien, Vice Chairman of Provincial Farmers' Association cum Director of Hoa Binh Provincial Farmer Support Center delivered a speech introducing activities to support farmer associations at all levels in applying science and technology to agricultural production and business in the province. (Photo by VISTIP)


At the meeting, Mr. Bui Thi Huy Hop, Deputy Director in charge her people introduced the functions and tasks of VISTIP as a bridge between the international scientific communities and Vietnamese partners with the motto "bringing Vietnam to the world and bringing the world to Vietnam", is ready to share support with local partners in the country in cooperation, technology transfer, application of science and technology. technology (including digital technology, emerging technology and technology 4.0) as well as applying advanced solutions to production, business and service activities in Vietnam through scientific programs and topics, projects, research schemes, specific test production. At the meeting, the two sides agreed on the short-term policy that they will jointly propose a number of projects to apply 4.0 technology to agricultural production (pay attention to apply to large fruits areas which associated with the farmers' sustainable livelihoods)., coordinate to organize training events to raise awareness and skills for farmers' associations at all levels and human resources to manage agricultural production and business in the province that the Center and VISTIP both have strengths with the motto of mutual benefits for the agricultural community and stakeholders.

Two sides discussed about cooperation opportunities (Photo by VISTIP)


Along with the working program in Hoa Binh, the Farmer Support Center and the delegation of VISTIP visited and worked with the permanent representative of the People's Council and the agricultural management agency of Cao Phong district to grasp the development orientation of agricultural production and technology needs as well as learn about innovation activities in agricultural production management, needs and practices of digital transformation, application of technology 4.0, Smart green technology in agricultural production, business and sustainable rural development in Cao Phong area, on that basis, there will be consultations and support for S&T integration activities close to the local reality.

The delegation worked with the agricultural management agency and the representative of the Cao Phong District People's Council in the application of science and technology to planting and caring for citrus trees in the district (photo VISTIP)

The delegation visited an orange farming model in the district (Photo VISTIP)

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