11/04/2021 Innovation to be the new growth motivation for Vietnam

Increasing the absorption and diffusion of technology and improving the quality of human resources are the keys to driving sustainable economic growth in Vietnam - that is the key message of two innovation reports published in Vietnam. The event co-organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the Australian Embassy in Vietnam, and the World Bank took place on November 3rd morning in Hanoi.

11/04/2021 Innovation - new motivation for Vietnam’s growth: Report

The Vietnam Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Report was announced by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and the Australian Embassy in Vietnam at an event on November 3.

11/04/2021 International centres for physics, mathematics research launched

The Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, in coordination with the Ministry of Science and Technology, on October 29 inaugurated the International Centre for Physics (ICP) and the International Centre for Mathematical Research and Training (ICRTM).

11/01/2021 Development of a neutron detector for the ambient dose equivalent measurement

In recent years, Vietnam has experienced an increase in the use of radioactive sources, especially the applications of neutrons in industry, medicine and thus radiation protection monitoring has been of wide interest. Besides the main sources of neutrons detected in sealed radio-isotopic sources, nuclear reactors and neutron generators, neutrons are also encountered in high energy particle accelerator systems. The radiation field outside the shielding of accelerators is frequently dominated by the neutron component, which has complex and non-uniform energy distributions. Exposure to free neutrons can be hazardous since the interaction of neutrons with molecules in the human body can lead to chromosome damage and adversely affect human health. According to the recommendations of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) for area monitoring, the ambient dose equivalent, H*(10), is used as an approximation of the protection quantity in radiation measurements of external exposure. The ambient dose equivalent measurement will provide necessary information for controlling the radiation at workplaces and defining restricted or prohibited areas. However, the precise measurement and assessment of neutron dose remains difficult due to the intrinsic characteristics of neutron radiation, for example, no-charge, continuous neutron fluence spectrum, etc.

09/23/2021 Global Innovation Index 2021: Vietnam leads the group of countries with the same income

Vietnam continues to be an example for other developing countries in treating innovation as a national priority. The Government's use of the EIA as a tool to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of the country's EIA is the clearest example of Vietnam's awareness of the importance of EIA for the country's development.

09/23/2021 Government to build action plan on sci-tech development: PM

The Government will build an action plan on developing science and technology that involves digital transformation, digital economy, and digital society to help improve people’s living standards, said Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh at a nationwide teleconference held on September 15.

09/22/2021 Techfest Vietnam 2021 promotes innovative solutions to restore the economy

NDO – The national festival for innovative start-ups, Techfest Vietnam 2021, was officially launched on September 16 with the theme “Embracing Innovation - Reshaping The Future”.

09/22/2021 Vietnam’s innovation strategy should focus on diffusion and adoption of new technologies

NDO/VNA - Vietnam's strategy regarding the development of science, technology and innovation should focus on the diffusion and adoption of new technologies in companies, not just research and invention, to bring about significant productivity and economic gains, said the Vietnam: Science, Technology and Innovation Report 2020 released by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the World Bank.

09/22/2021 Australia funds four Vietnamese digital transformation initiatives

The Australian Government has announced a grant of nearly AUD1.4 million (around US$1 million) for four Vietnamese high-tech application initiatives in the field of digital transformation, through the Aus4Innovation Programme.

08/30/2021 Probiotics - treating plastic waste created by Vietnamese

According to the research team, the compositions not only accelerate the decomposition of biodegradable plastic waste, but also the composting process from some organic wastes with output quality "like being disinfected". ” - can be used for sustainable soil improvement or as a safe fertilizer.
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